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Mountain Bicycling Colorado

Bicycling Colorado

Bicycling Colorado Bicycling Colorado takes on many different styles.  Biking enthusiasts are in for a treat near Montrose, where the diverse terrain offers a perfect playground. Whether you’re looking to embark on a scenic road tour, tackle the trails with a robust mountain bike, enjoy the ease of an e-bike, or challenge yourself with fat-tire […]

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Cimarron - an affordable home in Colorado

Affordable Homes in Colorado

Affordable homes in Colorado have become hard to find but there are some areas that still offer the ultimate in active adult lifestyle. Location Does your retired lifestyle include living in an urban area or in a rural location?  Cities offer a wide range of entertainment options, cultural events, and social activities.  They tend to

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Colorado fly fishing spots near Montrose

Colorado Fly Fishing Spots

Colorado Fly Fishing Spots Colorado fly fishing spots, offer unique experiences due to the diverse ecosystems and availability of specialized local knowledge and gear. The Uncompahgre River, which runs through Montrose, is a hidden gem with excellent fly fishing for Trout throughout the year. The river’s conditions and fish populations are well-maintained, providing a serene

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Dreaming of your new home consider Spruce Point

Planning Your Retirement Location

When planning your retirement location, consider several factors. Do you want to live near family or friends? Do you prefer a specific climate?   Does the new location have access to good healthcare facilities, grocery stores, and other amenities that you want or need? Will you be planning to travel in retirement? If so, consideration of

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Dreaming of your retirement home consider Spruce Point

Dreaming of Your Retirement Home

Dreaming of your retirement home and the possibilities? What does your retirement look like?  Will you be sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a tropical drink or hiking along a deer trail in the cool mountain air?  Will you live near family, friends or will you blaze a new path?  We all have different thoughts

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Colorado Hot Springs Pool near Montrose

Colorado Hot Springs

Hot springs in Colorado are a natural wonder, offering both therapeutic benefits and tranquil retreats.  Nestled within the rugged landscapes of each location, these geothermal pools are heated by the earth’s core and are rich in minerals.  Visitors flock to these springs to soak in the warm waters, which are believed to have healing properties

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Sopris Floor Plan Homes at Cobble Creek

Retiring, Downsize Your Home

Retiring, downsize your home now rather than waiting.  Here are several compelling reasons as to why you should consider doing so now rather than in the future.  Recently Justin Lahart a writer for the Wall Street Journal wrote that now is an advantageous time for baby boomers(1946-1964) to consider selling their homes.  His reasoning included

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Cobble Creek Golf Course Montrose, Colorado

Awesome Golf Courses Near Montrose

Awesome golf courses near Montrose, Colorado offer stunning views and challenging play.  Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, these golf courses offer diverse experiences.  Enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty while perfecting your swing.  Read on to learn more about a few of the gorgeous courses nearby and then tee up and have a

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Cobble Creek Clubhouse a recreation center in Montrose Colorado

Recreation Centers in Montrose

The Recreation Centers in Montrose, Colorado offer year-round opportunities for active lifestyles.   They provide something for everyone no matter the age or ability.  With close proximity to most of them, you can have your pick of a multitude of options offered in Montrose.  Prefer something more private, you find there are several different options for

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Fiinancing an Active Living Lifestyle in Cobble Creek can be done

Financing Active Living Lifestyle

Financing an active living lifestyle in today’s economy with market volatility, inflation and rising world issues can be hard to navigate.  Being prepared though, will eliminate worry.  Here are several ideas to help get prepared and make your retirement plan successful. The first step to take is review your expected income stream from retirement.  Lawrence Tundidor

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